Thank you for agreeing to be an instructor for the first Watercolor Bootcamp - an online only watercolor course beginning in September 2017. We’re so excited to have you!

To be clear on what is allowed, please review the terms below and sign your name if you are in agreement.

If you have any questions - please contact Joyce Gutierrez and Jisun Park at

  1. Instructors will produce original video content for the course. Anything that has been previously published on your own site/blog, Facebook, Instagram or other social media cannot be used in your video lesson.

  2. Instructors cannot promote the course for a different price other than what is listed.

  3. Instructors will not offer any additional discounts on the course price to their audiences. The only discount period is during the presale.

  4. If an Instructor would like to advertise the course on Facebook ads, Pinterest or another platform, they must first seek approval from Watercolor Bootcamp as well as incur any of the advertising costs.

  5. Payout will be in USD via PayPal on the scheduled payout dates.

  6. Watercolor Bootcamp does not guarantee a specific payment amount. All payments to you will be determined by who purchases through your unique URL.

  7. You may promote the course via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat) and your email list, as well as on your blog.

  8. If a customer requests a refund, Watercolor Bootcamp will charge you back for the commission. FYI - in order to receive a refund, the student must complete 100% of lessons within 30 days of beginning the course and contact Watercolor Bootcamp if they are still unhappy. If they do not follow the set refund rule, they will not receive a refund. 

  9. Instructor will receive a unique link in order to correctly account for personal sales. Watercolor Bootcamp is not responsible for incorrect sales count/commissions if you incorrectly edit the link once it has been emailed to you.

  10. Logos may not be altered. If you think adjustments are needed, reach out to

  11. You may not share your free access to the course (a bonus of being an instructor) with anyone else.

  12. Instructors will keep these terms confidential.

  13. Instructor agrees not to resell their lesson to another course or make available on another platform.


If any of the above are violated, it may result in the loss/forfeit of instructor commission. 

If you agree with the terms above, please sign below.

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